​ Garbage; Recycling & Composting:

 Waste Removal Program
 Phantom Garbage Services Ltd. is now picking up   garbage, recycling and composting every     Wednesday.

 The Village of Hay Lakes started their recycling   program in the fall of 2010. Phantom picks up our   recycling every second Wednesday, and delivers it   to a private facility in South Edmonton. Once at the   facility it is separated and recycled. The village   diverts 2,070kgs from our landfill every month.   With the village implementing this program to   protect the landfills, we are encouraging residents   to reduce their garbage amounts.

 Phantom is a respectable, reliable family owned and   operated business. The driver's of the trucks are   also the owners of the trucks. The administration is   looked after by the owners of the business.   Phantom has been incorporated since 2011. At   present they collect garbage from 3 other villages   in central Alberta. They have three reliable, up to   date, single axle trucks, equipped with Martco   garbage compactors. They manually load the   garbage into the side of the compactors.

 Bylaw 05-2011 states that residents will be limited   to two bags of waste weighing no more than 20kgs   of garbage per week. Additional bags will be   allowed with a bag tag purchased at the Village   Office, Hay Lakes Fuels Plus or the Hay Lakes   Supermarket for $2 per tag. Additional waste can   also be taken to the Kingman Transfer Station   (Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm - 8pm and   Saturdays from 8:30am to 4pm.)

 Please have materials out for collection by 7:00 am   on the collection day. Your recycling needs to be in   clear or blue bags, or the green recycling bin you   had been previously supplied. This should be placed   in the same area where you place your waste for   collection. Please place the recycling in plain sight   for easy collection.

 Only the items listed are available for recycling in   your recycling bin:
 Paper and Cardboard
 - Newspaper
 - Magazines, catalogs, greeting cards, brochures,   paper bags, paper gift wrap
 - Letters, envelope
 - Non shredded and shredded computer paper
 - Paper egg cartons
 - Cardboard boxes must be flattened and no larger   than 3'x3'
 - Pizza boxes - if not greasy

 - Plastic containers and packaging with a Mobius   Loop (the recycling symbol) and number 1 - 7   including: plastic bottles such as ketchup, cleaning   products, shampoo bottles, etc. We also accept   plastic food containers, margarine and ice cream   tubs, etc.
 - Any clear plastic bag that is clean and dry such as   cry cleaning bags, and bread bags.
 - No plastic grocery bags

 - tin cans, washed out please
 - Aluminum tray and containers

 Beverages containers
 - Pop/juice bottles and cans
 - Milk containers
 - Juice boxes and containers
 - Glasses bottle which have deposit refund
 10% of all refundable beverage containers will be   donated back to the community from which they   were received.

 - We will accept a limited number of Automotive   batteries only. Truck capacity is 4 batteries per   week
 - All items must be clean and dry
 - Place large flattened pieces of cardboard   underneath your blue bags. Please separate   beverages containers. Place your old automotive   batteries beside your blue bags.

 Please set aside your garbage and make sure your   bags are visible to the driver from his truck. This   allows us to complete pickup in a timely manner   without confusion.


 We are working on details of how the compost   program will work. The current facility will not be   accepting any meat products. Composting in the   winter will alternate with recycling, but in the   summer will likely be every week to accommodate   grass clippings, leaves and other yard waste. Watch   for more details as this program moves forward. 

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