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The paving project, as you are no doubt aware, is underway.

With a major project like this underway Council is committed to giving bi-weekly updates via mailings and on our Facebook page of our progress, any issues, and what our residents can expect with this project.

Please find the following items

1) Paving Project:

The total project is estimated to take 60 working days to complete, weather permitting.

We thank all the residents for their patience as this project will be inconvenient especially when working on your street.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Village Office at 780-878-3200.

2) Garbage Collection:

When the paving is in your neighbourhood garbage collection will continue without interruption.

Place your garbage, composting, and recycling bins on your front lawn. Border Paving will then collect your bins and take them to a central location for the waste to be removed. Border Paving will then bring your bins back to your front lawn.

With this revised waste collection we ask that residences label ALL their bins with name and street address so they can be returned to the correct owner.

3) New Councillor:

We welcome Dawn Pauls, who is a recent addition to our Council.

We thank Gary Schultz for his time on Council and wish him all the best.

4) Party on the Pavement:

With this project Council thought that upon completion a party would be in order thanking the residents for their patience and celebrating the biggest project that the Village has ever completed.

Plans are to close off the main street block in front of the Village Office for the evening for a BBQ, music, and socializing.

Initial planning is underway and we would appreciate any input that you would like to offer.

Please contact either Shannon Yearwood at 780-878-5035 or Dawn Pauls at 780-878-3516.

Last Words:

I thank all residents for their patience with this paving project. Once it’s done it will be worth it!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Village Office or myself directly. The contact information is listed below:

Village Office 780-878-3200

Todd Skaret Cell/Text: 587-337-0029

Email: todd.skaret@gmail.com

Yours truly,


Todd Skaret

Mayor, Village of Hay Lakes

As an update to the Mayor's message - the lights on 4th Avenue are up and functioning. These lights are a more cost effective, more environmentally friendly option for our village. They are solar lights, with a long battery and bulb lights, and shine over a great amount of coverage area.

Year end Mayor's message

Merry Christmas!  Christmas is upon us once more.

 On behalf of the Village of Hay Lakes Staff and Council we wish you all the best this holiday season and the very best in the New Year!

  Village Business:

 1) Paving project;

2) Garbage Provider;

3) Lights on 4th Avenue South;

4) Recreation Centre and Agricultural Society – Membership;

1) Paving Project:

 This is a follow-up to the Mayor’s Message issued this summer please note the following:

 The paving project for the Village of Hay Lakes is set to begin in May 2016.

 I am pleased to confirm that the Village has all necessary funding in place to begin the paving project this coming May.

Once we get closer to the paving date we will communicate with the residences the schedule of the paving project. There will be some inconveniences with this project, however they should be short lived for each resident as the paving moves from one location to another in the Village.

This is something that has been top-of-mind for most of the residents in this Village and has finally come to fruition. We are all looking forward to having pavement throughout the Village.

I’d like to thank past Councils for getting the Village to this point. This project, which is the biggest capital project in the Village’s history, would not have happened without their past foresight.

To summarize:

* The contractor is Boarder Paving.

* The project is split into two distinct categories:

i) Asphalt Paving;

* This is the paving that will be completed on all the gravel roads.

ii) Overlay Paving:

* This is the paving that will be completed on all existing paved roads within in the Village.

* Use of Funds:

Total cost new paving project $1,708,300

Total cost of overlay existing pavement $ 371,160

Total Cost $2,080,000 (rounded up)

Source of Funds:

MSI*, Basic Municipal Transportation

Grant#, Federal Gas Tax Fund, and

funds on hand $1,239,000

Alberta Capital Finance Authority@ $ 840,000

Total Cost $2,080,000

“*” - MSI is Municipal Sustainability Initiative and is helps support local infrastructure priorities and is provided by the Government of Alberta.

“#” - The Basic Municipal Transportation Grant (BMTG) provides financial assistance for developing and maintaining capital transportation infrastructure requirements and is provided by the Government of Alberta.

“@”- Alberta Capital Finance Authority is a financing arm of the Government of Alberta in which Municipalities are able to borrow funds to complete projects.

* The paving project funding is a combination of debt financing, funds on-hand and local improvement levies.

2) Garbage Contract - New Provider

The Village went through a tendering process and the following contractor was awarded the Village’s garbage contract:

Phantom Garbage Services

Lacombe, Alberta

Website: http://phantomgarbage.com/

Please note the change from Thursday pickups to Wednesday.

Phantom will begin pickup beginning Wednesday, January 6th, 2016.

If you have any questions please contact the Village Office.

3) Lights on 4th Avenue South

Lighting is being installed on 4th Avenue South and should be completed in the New Year.

The lighting for this street differs from the rest of the Village as the three street lights will be solar powered.

This is a pilot project to determine both the functionality and economy of the solar light technology. If the project proves positive the Village may consider installing more of these lights going forward.

4) Recreation Centre and Agricultural Society – Membership

Please purchase memberships to both the Recreation Centre and the Agricultural Society.

These membership dues, which are not expensive, help with the continued operation of both of these facilities.

Phone the Village Office for contact information for the Agricultural Society. Please note that the Village Office has membership forms for the Recreation Centre.

Last Words:

A very Merry Christmas to you all and the very best in the New Year from all of us.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Village Office or myself directly. The contact information is listed below:

Village of Hay Lakes Website http://www.villageofhaylakes.com/

Village Office 780-878-3200

Todd Skaret Home: 780-878-2344

Email: todd.skaret@gmail.com

Yours truly,


Todd Skaret

Mayor, Village of Hay Lakes

Changes to our MGA:

Did you know the town is now on Facebook? Check out our page and "Like" it to keep up to date with important town information, see events happening locally, and get answers to your questions.                   https://www.facebook.com/haylakes

Welcome to the Village of Hay Lakes's web site. Hay Lakes is a  small village located along Hwy 21, approximately 20 minutes from Camrose and 35 minutes from Edmonton. 

The village is home to a population of over 500 residents that find the quiet community a great place to live. 

The Hay Lakes School is located right in the village and serves to provide classes to children from Grade 1 through to Grade 12.  Our school also houses our Kindergarten class. For information on our Kindergarten please contact:
Martha Wrubleski (780)941-2143 or
Gina Young (780)672-1921.

The village also has many other community programs and services.  The Village of Hay Lakes Council will promote these programs and services on this webpage as a means to provide all residents and rural neighbors information on all the community events.


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